ISO-VG 22,32,46,68,100,150,220 & 320

PGM HYDRAULIC AW series are good quality solvent refined paraffinic mineral oils containing anti-wear additive package which protect wide range of hydraulic systems requiring high performance oils. It provides rust and corrosion protection to machine components and wear protection to hydraulic pumps and motors. It is equally suitable for use as general purpose industrial circulating oil in machinery lubricated by oil bath or circulation lubrication system, moderately loaded gears and bearings. The product offers good foaming resistance and water demulsibility characteristic. These oils are available in wide viscosity range from ISO 22 through 320 to meet a variety of design and operating requirements.

PGM HYDRAULIC AW premium quality oils are recommended for use in hydraulic systems, general purpose industrial applications and also centralized industrial lubrication systems. It is also recommended for lubrication of anti-friction and general bearing, machine tools and crank-mechanism and many type of equipment which transmit power through hydraulic medium. They are not recommended for use with silver coated components in machinery. PGM HYDRAULIC AW oils are equally suitable for lightly loaded gear units not requiring an extreme pressure gear lubricant. Good wear protection; extend equipment life, Good demulsibility characteristic. Good corrosion and rust protection. Its high viscosity index to reduce viscosity variation while in service. Excellent air release and anti-foam properties to ensure trouble free operation



Product ISO Grade Viscosity cSt. ASTM D­-445 V I ASTM D-2270 Flash Point (COC) °C ASTM D-92 Pour Point °C ASTM D-97
40 °C 100 °C
HYDRAULIC AW 22 22 22 4.3 98 175 -6
HYDRAULIC AW 32 32 32 5.3 98 185 -6
HYDRAULIC AW 46 46 46 6.7 98 185 -6
HYDRAULIC AW 68 68 68 8.8 98 208 -6
HYDRAULIC AW 100 100 100 11.2 98 215 -6
HYDRAULIC AW 150 150 150 14.5 98 223 -6
HYDRAULIC AW 220 220 220 19 98 230 -6
HYDRAULIC AW 320 320 320 24 98 232 -6