PGM EP Moly Greases

They possess the basic properties of MULTIPURPOSE and INDUSTRIAL GREASES but are designed specifically for use under the most severe conditions of loading both in automotive and industrial services, where conventional greases would be unable to prevent destructive wear of the working surfaces. 


  • Excellent load carrying properties.
  • Good resistance to water washout.
  • Good rust & corrosion protection.
  • Long service life through excellent oxidation stability.
  • Good mechanical stability.
  • Enhanced protection under severe heavy-duty, low-speed operating conditions


EP Moly Greases – PDS

Appearance Homogeneous, Black
Texture Smooth
Soap Base, Type Lithium Soap
Penetration,  Worked, 60 Strokes (ASTM D 217) 265 – 295
Unworked (ASTM D 217) < 295
Worked ,10,000 Strokes < 295
Dropping Point,  In °C (ASTM D 566) 180 min
EP performance test  Weld point, kgf ( ASTM D 2596) 280 min
Four Ball Wear (40 kg, 1200rpm, 75oC, one hour) Scar diameter, mm (ASTM D 2266) 0.4 max
Oil Separation, mass in %w ,18 hrs at 400C (IP 121) 5 max
Water washout in % ASTM D 1264  at 100ºF( ASTM D 1264) 2.0
At 175ºF 9.0
Leakage tendencies   in g  (ASTM D 1263) 2.5
Deposit on Bearing Surface in g (ASTM D 1263) None