PGM Industrial Greases


Industrial Greases are multi-purpose greases of the highest quality. They are made from lithium soap and well-refined mineral oil and incorporate powerful anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion additives. They combine all the properties most often required in a grease and are suitable to virtually all industrial grease lubrication requirements, particularly in anti-friction bearings.

Resistance to Oxidation

Industrial Greases have exceptional resistance to oxidation. In part this is due to the high quality of the basic materials that go into them and to the method employed for their manufacture. In addition they contain special oxidation Inhibitors which give them, under both static and dynamic conditions, stability towards oxidation which in fact exceeds that of any ordinary industrial grease. Thus they resist drying out and stiffening not only during prolonged storage but also in prolonged service.

Mechanical Stability

Many greases break down or even liquefy when subjected to severe mechanical working; under such conditions Industrial Greases retain their original consistency and resist running out even after long periods of services

Corrosion Protection

Industrial Greases are markedly superior to conventional greases in the degree of protection they afford against corrosion. This property – reinforced by a special additive – is so effective that the greases will prevent corrosion in a bearing even when large quantities of water are present.

Resistance to Water

Industrial Greases combine resistance to water equal to that of calcium and aluminum soap greases with an extremely high melting point (dropping point), minimum 180ºC.

Temperature Range

Industrial Greases are reversible greases: even if high operating temperatures cause them to melt, they will, on cooling, retain their grease characteristics and excellent lubricating properties. At low temperatures they do not become too stiff to be easily pumped in dispensing equipment.