PGM Multipurpose Crystal Greases

Lithium Base Multipurpose Crystal Grease, designed for a broad range of greasing applications in paper, automobile, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical, railway etc.

Multipurpose Crystal Grease is made of fatty acid metallic soap with quality base oil added with EP, anti-wear, and other additives. High dropping point, excellent mechanical stability, good oxidation stability are some of key features combine to minimize leakage from bearings even under high operating temperatures.

Multipurpose Grease resists water wash-out. It has superior adhesion to metal and unusually high oxidation stability, insuring long service. In addition, it provides good rust protection.

Multipurpose Crystal Grease is recommended for all points requiring grease on passenger cars, trucks, buses, trailers and farm tractors. These include wheel bearings, ball joints, all chassis points, universal joints, splines, linkages, dynamo and starter motor bearings, steering gears and water pumps. It is also recommended for general household use including grease lubricated bearings of power tools, lawn mowers, and may be used in industrial grease applications where the requirements are similar to those found in automotive service.

Multipurpose Crystal Grease application range is between -20°C to +120°C


Multipurpose Crystal Greases – PDS


Description Unit Method Typical Values
Appearance   Visual Ointment color from pale   Yellow to brown
Texture   Visual Smooth
Penetration, worked 60 strokes 0.1mm ASTM D 217 220 – 250
Prolonged Worked Penetration, after 100,000 Strokes 0.1mm ASTM D 217 310
Dropping Point in °C ASTM D 566 ≥185
Water washout 38°C, 1 hr in % ASTM D 1264 ≤1.9
Oil Separation, 24 hrs at 100ºC mass in %w IP 121 ≤1.7