Company History

Late Mr. MOHAMMED ISHRAT ALI KHAN QAISER (I.A.K Qaiser) a visionary anticipated the demand of Lithium Greases in the country in the early Sixties and went about for establishing the manufacturing facility.

His determination and dedication was rewarded and PGMC was established in 1965 as a Private Limited Company with its plant and registered office at No. 6 Oil Installation Area, Keamari, Karachi 75620 Pakistan.

The plant was set up with all the required support and assistance of Shell International in 1969. During this period key executives of Shell International and Pakistan Burmah Shell were actively associated with the project, who developed and provided PGMC with comprehensive operating, formulations and other manuals and executed a long term grease purchase agreement in 1970.
Commercial production of Lithium Greases commenced in mid 1970 after initial trial runs.

PGMC’s manufacturing, technical and operating process enhanced when it became an associated company of Pakistan Refinery Limited in late 1970 and of Pakistan State Oil Company Limited in early 1979.